Who’s your daddy?

‘Cause this video’s for him.

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My life is Crunk

Just a video of my friends and I living life to death. Buddaboom.

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Your life. a music video.

My friends and I. Made by my brother, Adam. Hugs.

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Movies have trailers, and so does this one

This is the film I worked on, mostly by photobombing the photoshoots, but shoot me now if that’s not a key component. See, that’s a movie pun. I remember the good old days when Adam and I did the trailer in my room that one time which was like a week ago.

I’m the bomb.

Photo by Christiaan Pretorius and yes, that’s the RED friggin’ scarlet.

It premiers at the Silwerskerm Filmfees in Cape town.

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The Gentleman’s Guide to the Backflip.

Throw your buns over your face!

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Awards – the Civil Man’s Conquest

This is our award-winning animation (pompous much?) for the M-Net’s 2011 TAG awards.
It’s for Charity and our charity was the Mohau House for children.
We were nominated for
Best Animation
Best Concept
Best Overall
Best Script
Best Director
Best Editing
And we reigned supreme (won)
Best Script
Best Director

Lay siege to their battlements.
Hark! A ward warred against a whored horde. Word.
I’m just sillysauce.

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Get your friends and build a human Megazord

So as it opens, I’m the guy at the bottom staring at that printed waterfall.

I’m pretty sure this happened before it was cool.

I remember talking to my friend on the phone and freezing mid sentence, which was fun.

Do something nutty, get your friends and do something nutty. It’ll be extra nutty. Like a fricken human-flavoured pecan nut pie, y’all,

Speaking of, yesterday we did our own little Time freeze, not in the same gist as this one, but I think it’s just as exciting. A little patience and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s the logo. I think it’s pretty clever, even if I do say so myself.

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Sell out to the Man, steal his secrets

This is a video we made for a Vodacom film competition, for the lack of a better word, thangy. Which we won.

Being all Curt Cobain about selling your art is just so angsty, and so 90’s.

Fact – the Man’s got money.
Fact- you’re going to need money to fuel your creative endeavours, or at least make the weekend more interesting.

Now, I’m not saying become a drone. That doe-eyed idealism you cultivated during Oppikoppi is admirable, but before you rage with a fist clenched at the night sky, swearing that your artistic womb shall ne’er be whored out to garnish the chocolate of your local Marquis with orphan tears, consider this:

The corporate jungle may often be brutal, it may often be dog-eat-dog-eat-endangered-siberian-tiger-cub, but it is the best school you will ever have. You’ll enter a slice of white bread, get baptised with sulphuric acid, turn to coal, be crushed under the pressure of small neutron star and then exit as a polished diamond fit to be a girl’s best friend, if yanowatimean?

You know how I learned to green screen? Because we did a thing for Vodacom that needed it. How long did I take to learn it? 10 minutes. You see all that coloured fluid? That’s green screened milk that we graded. You’d be surprised how clever you can be when the deadline was yesterday.

We bought a Go-Pro 2 with the money. I then strapped it to my head and did a backflip.

What did you do on your Saturday? That’s what I thought

I’m not a martyr, I’m smarter.

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Like that poet of our generation says: “Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ What?”


That’s probably the only thing that distinguishes between capable and handicappable folk.

But why would anyone persist in anything? Because it’s fun, that’s why.

The things and projects and skills people cultivate should be one thing, fun. Life needs to be lived, or at least ridden like a thunderbreathing shecano into the gaping flamejowls of the final credit reel of this movie we call life.

You might never play piano like the kid whose umbilical chord was a major c, but you can have fun learning it.

Talent shmalent. If it’s fun you’re not dumb…for allocating time doing it. A jingle writer I’m not, but a soothsayer I am.

Plus get good at stuff that’s fun doing, the more better, the more funner.

This is me doing a drawing for varsity, technically it was work, but I got to hang out at my friend’s place on a Sunday.

It’s Brad but older. They should make that into a Movie.

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Fun times with buds

Okay, superpower of mobilization.

I know you kids have inside jokes.

Why not make them outside jokes?
Since the advent of phone cameras, all you need to do is click a button and boom, movie.

We did this before our art exhibition in highschool.

It’s all about production.

Nah, scratch that, it’s all about fun.

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