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Favourite Ninja Turtle is Infographael

This is a little infographic I made for varsity about the impact that cartoonists can have on soceitoi.


And I lied. My favourite ninja turtle is this gnarly dude.

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Under my Mandela, ela, eh eh

Yeah, so I’m South African.

And it’s Mandela’s birthday.

One thing I’d like to believe, if I can be like R Kelly up in this PIECE, is that you aren’t anything by default, you’re not stupid ’cause your fam fam is from the deep South, you’re not no cobbler if your mom’s into shoes, and you’re certainly not a racist because your heritage says it’s likely.

You’re defined by your choices (thanks Dumbledore, or Yoda, or whatever (trollers come get me (ooh, parenthesis within parenthesis (deeper the rabbit hole goes (inception))))).

But yeah. Happy Birthday you ol’ salt, you’re morals are made of carbon fibre.

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