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Drawkward: I want a nation to bleed ink

Saturday dawned and a xyline feuled bloodlust inspired some affable peeps and myself to go lynchin’. White paper lynchin’. With permanent markers. Lookin’ mighty fine in dem jeans boy.


At Re: Capitoli’s Capitol theatre event my friend Sibu and I spread out 10 meters of bleached cellulose and stuck it to the wall with masking tape. Anyone could come in and blemish it with me. And they did. And it was sweet.

I’ve recently started learning music, an artform where people are naturally drawn together for a garage jam sesh sweatlodge.


This is rarely the case with drawing. I wanted to fix that. No longer did I have to choose between drawing delicious velociraptors and my friends. I could draw it with ’em. Or on ’em. Nom nom nom.


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Apply for a job by doing the job

I recently applied for an illustration job for TEDex Johannesburg. Instead of sending them a CV or writing some nonsense of me believing in whale-saving or biomechanical weasel-engineering, I just showed them I could draw. By drawing:

I-draw-awesomeI got the job.

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That weird kid returns

In short, I’m back. Let’s roll some heads.I'm alive

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Make an evening out of it

My friend James recently had himself a WARP party.

It was just this creative showcase where people made music, wraps, chocolate croissants and displayed photography.

I helped.

My friend Frans and I plastered the room with A3 pieces of paper. And drew.

My friend Adam makes looking indie easy.

People were allowed to draw themselves and for R2 could pick up any piece they liked.

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I’ve been thunderstruck

Okay, so my computer had a little tiff with mister lightning. Pretoria (where I live), gotta love those electrical storms.

So I probably won’t be finishing tomorrow. I’ve got backups, but today’s work was essentially snuffed.


So I drew this picture with my laptop’s track-pad in paint, and only after arduously prodding it into existence did I think about using my still perfectly functional tablet. But I think it’s charming in a safety-scissors kind of way.

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Make a line that warps space and time

I got asked about the specifics of this post and while boring shizz still gets sorted out here’s some fun, hon’:

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Making face Melting comics: Step 2 – Inking like an Ink king

Here’s where you make that gunk that you drew in Step 1 look radatatat.

Refine linework and shapes, define lighting, create texture and such.

Make that 2d become 5d, warping time and space to create the 5th dimension, which is the dimension of awesome.

All that guessing and messing you did in step 1 should be boiled down until it’s crisp enough to be nibbled succulently.

As a side note, make decisions that will help your goals in step 3, which is colouring.

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Making face melting comics: Step 1 – Sketch like it’s the end of days

Here’s where you make your mind goo visible and it’s not pretty.

And it shouldn’t be.

This should be like child birth (near as I can imagine). It’s messy, but rewarding.

You should take this time to fool around as much as you can, as this will serve as the base for your entire story. Make mistakes, lots and lots of mistakes. It’s the apocalypse for lines, break pencils, let your tears smudge the ink, unrepress some childhood trauma (and take all those repressed feelings out that loathsome white paper (it’s all pure and white, it probably thinks it’s better than you. Are you going to take that from some compressed tree meat? Heck no, you’re a man/independent lady)).

Hello again our old friend, double parenthesis.

Design some cool weapons, armour, lingerie and make something you would drool over.

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Drawkward, it’s only awkward if you stop drawing.

It’s also a palindrome, y’all.

I’ve explained at relative length what this is. But here’s the meat:

In summary, put on music, drew with everyone.

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Drawkward, a social experiment

In this wild and wooly world there art things that are innately social- alcohol, sports, the freakshow we call live gigs and even the lowly chess board. But drawing is lonely, reserved for the social pariahs, the goth kids, and those really, really weird kids that stay in their respective rooms, lonely, alone and they draw. Gross.

Anyway, I like drawing and I like socialising. I’m not good at it, but I like it. Socialising, not drawing. I destroy at drawing.


I asked friends, acquaintances and the general great unwashed to join me in drawing drawings drawily.

Myself and one other, we sat on opposite ends on a table and drew.

Instructions to facilitate:

Pick music, pick a power-animal and draw. Draw damn ye.

After a while we would flip and finish each others drawings.

Here’s my friend Adam posing. He was very unhelpful.


And flipped.


My friends Christiaan and Adam are actually breathing down my neck as I’m writing this. And they helped me with this post. Sort of. Like kwashiorkor helps the 3rd world. You guys suck. I love you.

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