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Who’s your daddy?

‘Cause this video’s for him.

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No seriously, you need to storyboard it.

Seeing as I’m nearing the end of my studies, I’ve been attending lots of job interviews, because as fun as the hypothetical playroom of university is, real life seems more, well, real.

I was asked to become the head of design at a local design company, where they casually mentioned that their workflow is so hectic that they skip the storyboarding face of creating motion graphics.



You need to storyboard it.

Storyboarding makes you translate your idea into sequential steps, a visual map that makes you consider everything you need to consider in order to make the mistakes you were going to make in the actual process.story narrative2

Due to the corporate nature of my interning (lawyers are terrifying) I’mna show y’all the storyboard for our TAG entry last year (we won some stuff for it, so I can’t be doing everything wrong):


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Okay, you don’t understand, which is my fault.

Let me tell you a story.

I make comics. Short, but concise, yes?

I’m generally a craftsman when it comes to buff guys and explosions, so that takes time and craftsmanship, dig?
But some stuff just doesn’t need as much choice-making as others. Get your self some help on that stuff.

So I made this poster with 3 accompanying posters to explain it. Posted it up in my faculty, where people were just looking for a reason to procrastinate.

Got 2 replies. Work went 4 times as fast. Got a full-colour comic in a week while I was juggling an animation project.

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Awards – the Civil Man’s Conquest

This is our award-winning animation (pompous much?) for the M-Net’s 2011 TAG awards.
It’s for Charity and our charity was the Mohau House for children.
We were nominated for
Best Animation
Best Concept
Best Overall
Best Script
Best Director
Best Editing
And we reigned supreme (won)
Best Script
Best Director

Lay siege to their battlements.
Hark! A ward warred against a whored horde. Word.
I’m just sillysauce.

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How to animate (overthrow Pixar in 3 minutes)

It’s all about key frames.

Think about where your character (or whatever you want to animate) is(A) and where you want it to be next (B).

A and B are both key frames then it’s just a simple case of filling in the meat in between.

Technology like Flash or After Effects can fill in these gaps for you (tweening), but can only do so when it can logically be interpolated. Like moving an object or changing it’s opacity.

If something is walking, especially in 2D, the machine can’t do the thinking for you, but it’s really not hard.

K, save this puppy on your desktop or whatevs, open it with Quicktime, or if you’re hip, something like Photoshop.

Notice how there are specific

moments, like right step, left step.

All that you then
have to do is fill in what happens between those two moments.

In this particular character’s case, he’s made of liquid, so liquid splashes and stuff.

Now, this is a colored version, notice how he looks like he’s in a hurry.

I also didn’t really add my understanding of the character (adding understanding gives life), but in essence everything is there.










Now we’re cooking. There are splashes and even a balloon like effect as the fluid moves from his head to his legs. In summary, the distinction between good animation and bad animation is finessing. But in essence all you need is a place to go to and from.

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