Monthly Archives: March 2016

Boy, am I an Adulterer.


Yes, I’ve become an adult.

I'm an adult

Yeah, but not that much swagger.

I think I may have forgotten my child-like whimsy the last bit in the whirlpool of feeding myself through money-job-doing, laundry, being a white Afrikaans South-African who was raised be the internet and TV. God.

But I haven’t been watching TV the last bit either. It’s like I’m the middlest child of the most confused generation. AND all my jokes feed off ofĀ Ed, Edd and Eddy. Soon all the kids will know that I’m not one of them.

fellow kids

But I still feel like a boy.

Pheonix with nameless helm

Check out my phoenix. I’ve still been gunning it in the meantime. Times might not be as mean as 702 and social media makes it out to be.

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