Habit RPG! Wield yourself

We all have bad habits. Imagine if you could change ’em until they were all good ones.

Yeah, you’d become a funken warlock.

(Insert your name here), they’d say, the Aeontwister, the Mindcolonoscopist, The Archsaucier, purveyor of galaxysalsa.

I’m no warlock, but lookee, I am a mage.


All thanks to this handy app (both for ios and Android). Habit RPG!

Make your life into a role playing game, where you turn all your good habits into things that give you experience and gold. And wenches! Gender-neutral cyberwenches that (even though they’re processors are based on binary) recognise that gender and sexuality isn’t.

It’s like A PC PC with a P and a V!


Habit RPG acts on these elements:

Instant gratification (Gold/Experience/Booty(ifyaknowwhatimean))

Consequences (bad habits make you lose health)

Accountability (You can do quests with your friends and hell hath no fury like a lv. 32 rogue who’s lv. 11 warrior buddy wussed-out mid quest.)

Seriously, my name is Mik3y. Let’s go F@#! up the Rat King.

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