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Habit RPG! Wield yourself

We all have bad habits. Imagine if you could change ’em until they were all good ones.

Yeah, you’d become a funken warlock.

(Insert your name here), they’d say, the Aeontwister, the Mindcolonoscopist, The Archsaucier, purveyor of galaxysalsa.

I’m no warlock, but lookee, I am a mage.


All thanks to this handy app (both for ios and Android). Habit RPG!

Make your life into a role playing game, where you turn all your good habits into things that give you experience and gold. And wenches! Gender-neutral cyberwenches that (even though they’re processors are based on binary) recognise that gender and sexuality isn’t.

It’s like A PC PC with a P and a V!


Habit RPG acts on these elements:

Instant gratification (Gold/Experience/Booty(ifyaknowwhatimean))

Consequences (bad habits make you lose health)

Accountability (You can do quests with your friends and hell hath no fury like a lv. 32 rogue who’s lv. 11 warrior buddy wussed-out mid quest.)

Seriously, my name is Mik3y. Let’s go F@#! up the Rat King.

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Drawkward: I want a nation to bleed ink

Saturday dawned and a xyline feuled bloodlust inspired some affable peeps and myself to go lynchin’. White paper lynchin’. With permanent markers. Lookin’ mighty fine in dem jeans boy.


At Re: Capitoli’s Capitol theatre event my friend Sibu and I spread out 10 meters of bleached cellulose and stuck it to the wall with masking tape. Anyone could come in and blemish it with me. And they did. And it was sweet.

I’ve recently started learning music, an artform where people are naturally drawn together for a garage jam sesh sweatlodge.


This is rarely the case with drawing. I wanted to fix that. No longer did I have to choose between drawing delicious velociraptors and my friends. I could draw it with ’em. Or on ’em. Nom nom nom.


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