The University of Youtube

How bored do you get in a classroom? I get unbefuckinglevingly bored.


Boredom with such fury, that if it could be harnassed as energy, we could invent magic. And not the metaphor. I mean Harry Potter shit y’all.  Rip out my bitchin’ nuclear powered wand and bam, warp space and time and your face is a turnip. Suck it, physics.

That bored.

I’m not saying classrooms have no purpose. The structured remedial hand of a tutor can be indispensable when learning because it’s just that, structured. But you need to nab those internet ADDelinquents by the nads and stop blaming the youth for being young and existing within a world that they do. Entertain, simplify. Because odds are you’re being superfluous anyway if you’re unable to get a basic concept across in tout suite fashion.

Boring. Sorry.

Check it:

Learn backflips.

Why videos are dope.

Learn some smart guff.

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