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Face your fears with your face.

Yeah, it’s my face. But scary.

Face your fears

It’ s just you, man.

This accident made me realise that you’re not frightened of crime, of explosions, of radiated mutant shurikens. You’re afraid of losing yourself, of losing your precious identity. How could you go on without, say, legs? I’m a backflipper, it’s sorta hard to flip without the ol’ jumpin’ pistons.

Once you become okay with the idea that your identity is fluid, that you can become, and probably will become a completely different person the next time you stumble on that all important existential question of “who am I?” then, you’ll be okay.

Even dying, the ultimate loss of identity, isn’t that scary when you consider that you won’t be there to experience the loss.

Just let go, it’s okay. Life’s only scary when you’re scared.

Oh, and the cinemagraph was made by my dear friend Adam Heyns, a newly gifted gif giver.

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