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Aw, lookit that little punkin’ head

Don’t let your babies die. Not until you’ve run them ragged anyway.
This cute little fella is actually called Punkin’, and he’s the star of this comic.

Now, when I drew him, I had big plans, big stories, big story archs, villians, worm holes, holy worms, agnostic invertebrates. What I’m getting at is that if you love something, finish what you started.


Soon my pretty.

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That weird kid returns

In short, I’m back. Let’s roll some heads.I'm alive

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I hate us when we’re on hiatus

Okay, so this week I’m away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

And I’m currently residing within the plastic interdimension that is Sun City.

You’d think that with all the business people punching their business money into this Africanised theme park, they could afford some decent Wi-Fi.

This post is organised via a phone hooked up to the power of my imagination. Which leaves my connection as flimsy as that story.

But anyway, I’ll be taking a breather until next Monday due to technical difficulties, but also to work on my tan. Mostly my tan, because it looks like I’m wearing a shirt when I’m not wearing a shirt. Ew.

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