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Make being rad a habit

They say it takes 21 days to cultivate a new habit.

Saying that you’ll start with the ol’ treadmill and continue until you die is a rather thick promise to butter your pact toast.

To do something for just 21 days continuously is a lot shorter order. Make yourself a calender and then do whatever it is you need to each day for 21 days and see where that takes you.

I’mna be neater*.

21 days

I recently read this article debunking the 21-days thing, but let’s do it and check back in 21 days.

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No seriously, you need to storyboard it.

Seeing as I’m nearing the end of my studies, I’ve been attending lots of job interviews, because as fun as the hypothetical playroom of university is, real life seems more, well, real.

I was asked to become the head of design at a local design company, where they casually mentioned that their workflow is so hectic that they skip the storyboarding face of creating motion graphics.



You need to storyboard it.

Storyboarding makes you translate your idea into sequential steps, a visual map that makes you consider everything you need to consider in order to make the mistakes you were going to make in the actual process.story narrative2

Due to the corporate nature of my interning (lawyers are terrifying) I’mna show y’all the storyboard for our TAG entry last year (we won some stuff for it, so I can’t be doing everything wrong):


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Make an evening out of it

My friend James recently had himself a WARP party.

It was just this creative showcase where people made music, wraps, chocolate croissants and displayed photography.

I helped.

My friend Frans and I plastered the room with A3 pieces of paper. And drew.

My friend Adam makes looking indie easy.

People were allowed to draw themselves and for R2 could pick up any piece they liked.

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If you’re going to do it, do it for the money

As Vince Vaughn said in Swingers: “You’re so money.”


If you’re going to do anything in life, make sure it’s something you enjoy.

That’s what Alan Watts teaches in this video. Man what a thought-tugger.

But that’s the basic principle of it isn’t it?

Why live by other’s standards? Why not do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do.

I know you do. You watch America’s got talent and Project X and all that. Why?

Because that’s you in there.

Get yourself a slice of freedom, of adventure, of booty and haggard wenches.

Go make me some life-changing flapjacks.

I mean literaly, you’re the “money”.

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Be a little ambiguous

So, I was asked to design a logo for a corporate relocations firm (I asked big scary lawyers whether I could post this).

The reference they showed me was mostly tied into houses and moms wearing sneakers. Boring.

So the motion thing of relocations sparked a process where I could use the arrow motif.

This is just the conceptualising phase, but you can see houses look like arrows and arrows look like houses. Negative space.

If Fedex didn’t use it already I’d be a genius.

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Talk to people like they’re people.

It seems like common sense, and most advertising has gravitated towards it, but I think it’s still worth mentioning.

People are people, and you’re a people. When you speak to people like they’re people, they listen to you like you’re a people.

Dishonesty is rank in the commercial sector. “This pill will make you lose double your bodyweight in half a second. And give you telekinesis.”


Word of mouth is so powerful because people believe their friends. Human beings connect with human beings. Music and art is moving because it embodies true, honest human emotion. That’s why we’re so attuned to detect pretence.

If you adopt an honest tone, talk like you’re a person, you would more likely connect with another person. Who will then buy your stuff.

I designed my friend a card for his event, and I tried to speak like I would like to be spoken to.


It’s up to you to consider whether it’s effective, but I can sure hear me speaking those words.



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Make your kitchen sparkle like Paris.

We recently did a project that we used light painting to create complex lighting setups with a flash light and a t-shirt.

All you need to do is keep the shutter open and rather than paint into the lens, like when you’re making angel wings or whatever, you expose the object to light.

Here’s the result.

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Make a gift like you’re getting paid for it

It was my sister’s birthday and I made her this poster.

It is rank with all kinds of thoughtful stuff that only my sister and I would get, but I drew it like it was for a client.

Your friends and family are your most valuable currency, dawg.

I also gave her a ticket for Linkin Park. Man, I wish I had me as a brother.

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Making Face Melting Comics: Step 5 – Finessing

It’s no use doing a job if you’re not going make that excessive 50m run that 100m athletes do after the finish line.

You just have to have enough momentum, man.

Plus, after all the lugging, here’s the part where you can just enjoy your fruits and play.

So firstly I add textures, like watercolour scans and paint strokes for that little extra.

And then I add halos to make things stand out and little vignettes, like the definition of cool beside Throttle’s face, or my friend Kyle’s impression of James dean as Throttle flips open his shades.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Make hideous into pretty

You don’t realize, but often times the most grotesque things can be the most breathtaking.

Similar to the extremes of hate and love often being indiscernible.

If you can take the avenue of ugly in search for beauty, you might be surprised what you might find. Get out of that comfort zone, and take some HDR photos of acne.

Or my gross talon here. C’mon, tell me that it’s not pretty in a really messed up kind of way.

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