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Shifting gears to near-awesome

Because of the minor setback of my pc’s untimely electrocution, I am going to revert to Mon, Wed, Fri starting the 7th. The only machines right now are the macs at our faculty and my antique laptop.

Don’t worry fellas (and fellarinas), as soon as I’ve got a new motherboard, I’m fixing “oh mother, I’m bored”. To “motherf&#%, I’m on board the millennium falcon.”

Life’s a garden, dig it.

If life gives you lemons, make knuckledusters

Okay, so I don’t have a computer any more. Possibly lost an incredible amount of work, and videos and photos. Merely a flesh wound.


I’m sticking to my resolve, and I’m finding out where life lives.

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I’ve been thunderstruck

Okay, so my computer had a little tiff with mister lightning. Pretoria (where I live), gotta love those electrical storms.

So I probably won’t be finishing tomorrow. I’ve got backups, but today’s work was essentially snuffed.


So I drew this picture with my laptop’s track-pad in paint, and only after arduously prodding it into existence did I think about using my still perfectly functional tablet. But I think it’s charming in a safety-scissors kind of way.

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Make a line that warps space and time

I got asked about the specifics of this post and while boring shizz still gets sorted out here’s some fun, hon’:

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Dress to impress (especially if it’s the apocalypse)

Due to the lacklustre nature of flatting, I thought It’d be more prudent to entertain y’all with more colourful endeavours.

The theme for our student exhibition, as envisioned by the studious Matt Reid, is Exposure. Naturally, a steampunk gas mask was appropriate.

So, my friends and I went around Jo’burg to every major design company and hand-delivered invitations.

I spoke like the parents in the Charlie Brown cartoons, and the corporate creatives felt a little more creative.


Me waiting patiently at Jupiter drawing room.

The very fashionable people at Grid.

Photos taken by the lovely Liesl Le Roux.

Steampunk gas mask hand made by the ingenious Nolene Gerber.


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Making Face Melting Comics: Step 3 – Adding colour, Motherfather.

Every time I try and make a comic, I like to establish a feel first.

I love the look you get from having these bold cartoony lines and chiaroscuro rendered inside.

But painting that way is often time consuming, and as I only have a week to do this I have to streamline a workflow, dig?

I’m using Photoshop, so all the technical wiz biz will apply to that.

Step 1: Flat colour – just paint flat layers of colour in each shape. Change your linework’s layer to “multiply” and paint on the layer beneath it.

Step 2: Gray scale painting – paint in all the values of light from dark to light in gray scale.

Step 3: Overlay the colour -overlay the colour over the painting using the blending mode “color”.

Step 4: Colour correction – use the adjustment layer “Color balance” to separate dark (to cool) and light (to warm) or whatever you feel works best.

Step 4.1: Overlay some specific colour to add depth and life. Throttle was in a fight, so I’ll give him a blue eye and some bruising.

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Making face Melting comics: Step 2 – Inking like an Ink king

Here’s where you make that gunk that you drew in Step 1 look radatatat.

Refine linework and shapes, define lighting, create texture and such.

Make that 2d become 5d, warping time and space to create the 5th dimension, which is the dimension of awesome.

All that guessing and messing you did in step 1 should be boiled down until it’s crisp enough to be nibbled succulently.

As a side note, make decisions that will help your goals in step 3, which is colouring.

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Making face melting comics: Step 1 – Sketch like it’s the end of days

Here’s where you make your mind goo visible and it’s not pretty.

And it shouldn’t be.

This should be like child birth (near as I can imagine). It’s messy, but rewarding.

You should take this time to fool around as much as you can, as this will serve as the base for your entire story. Make mistakes, lots and lots of mistakes. It’s the apocalypse for lines, break pencils, let your tears smudge the ink, unrepress some childhood trauma (and take all those repressed feelings out that loathsome white paper (it’s all pure and white, it probably thinks it’s better than you. Are you going to take that from some compressed tree meat? Heck no, you’re a man/independent lady)).

Hello again our old friend, double parenthesis.

Design some cool weapons, armour, lingerie and make something you would drool over.

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Shifting gears to Awesome

This upcoming week is going to happen a little differently.

I’ve been working on the third instalment of K th F O, but due to other “priorities”, I’ve yet to finish it.

This upcoming week I have to post progress EVERY DAY until I’m finished, which has to be next week Sunday.

That’s biting off more than I can chew, trust me. And it’s going to be awesome.
Plus, I’ll have a finished comic at the end of it. Awesome.
Warp Speed Awesome.

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Enjoy the little thing (like the splitting of atoms).


this is the top of my friend’s hand.

Macro photography does that to you. It makes everything so abstract that turns into this weird primordial landscape.

A world within world. Inception.

My friend Jadey, whose blog deals with the little things, reminded me of the world beneath your feet.

When I was waiting at the train station in Cape Town, I realized we’re so impatient with getting somewhere, we forget about the present locale. If this were a train station in Half-life, people would disappear  freaking out how detailed and amazing it was. But if it’s real, it’s in the way.

So to clarify, if it’s an instagram photo of rails, awesome. If it’s actually a railway, lame.

People who made a cg railway first needed to see an actual railway to be like.


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