Drawkward, a social experiment

In this wild and wooly world there art things that are innately social- alcohol, sports, the freakshow we call live gigs and even the lowly chess board. But drawing is lonely, reserved for the social pariahs, the goth kids, and those really, really weird kids that stay in their respective rooms, lonely, alone and they draw. Gross.

Anyway, I like drawing and I like socialising. I’m not good at it, but I like it. Socialising, not drawing. I destroy at drawing.


I asked friends, acquaintances and the general great unwashed to join me in drawing drawings drawily.

Myself and one other, we sat on opposite ends on a table and drew.

Instructions to facilitate:

Pick music, pick a power-animal and draw. Draw damn ye.

After a while we would flip and finish each others drawings.

Here’s my friend Adam posing. He was very unhelpful.


And flipped.


My friends Christiaan and Adam are actually breathing down my neck as I’m writing this. And they helped me with this post. Sort of. Like kwashiorkor helps the 3rd world. You guys suck. I love you.

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