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Become the things of Legend

Make stuff so fun that it becomes part of the local lore.

Every year since the start of varsity, we’ve made stencils for Oppikoppi. Just for fun. We want to promote our own socio-political opinions and people want to get painted on. Radsicles.


The phrase was actually coined by our friend Werner. He has no surname. He’s that rock ‘n roll.

The photo above, taken by Annie Klopper, festoons the organizer’s bar with its startling post-modern beauty.
In 2011 it became an official rule of Oppikoppi.

And even this year:


We were just having fun, and now we’re part of the local culture. Have that much fun.

Photo stolen from Peet Pienaar. What a guy.

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Work for free (intern to the dark side)

Trust me, a little free labour will teach you more in a few weeks then in entire year of varsity.

Working around professionals that define the industry is intimidating, empowering and so informative, you’ll have to put plugs in your nose and ears to keep your molten brain from pouring out.

I interned at these fine places.

Gloo, the emperor of digital design.

Metropolitan republic, with ads so moving it feels like you’re being sucked up by a hurricane.

Birthmark, bust out eyescarringly beautiful graphics before lunch (and you get free lunch).


What I don’t think they realize, is that you pay varsity to teach you, and at places like these, they teach you for free. Hone your skills in the dragon’s belly. If you can stand the heat, you’re ready for industry.

I signed an intimidatingly official document to not reveal what I saw or worked on, but trust moi:

This is your brain (@),

this is your brain after you intern

(                                                                   ….                                                                                    )

It’s either expanded or it’s blown to the four corners of Pietersburg (the farthest place from anywhere), you decide >:D

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Drawkward, it’s only awkward if you stop drawing.

It’s also a palindrome, y’all.

I’ve explained at relative length what this is. But here’s the meat:

In summary, put on music, drew with everyone.

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Drawkward, a social experiment

In this wild and wooly world there art things that are innately social- alcohol, sports, the freakshow we call live gigs and even the lowly chess board. But drawing is lonely, reserved for the social pariahs, the goth kids, and those really, really weird kids that stay in their respective rooms, lonely, alone and they draw. Gross.

Anyway, I like drawing and I like socialising. I’m not good at it, but I like it. Socialising, not drawing. I destroy at drawing.


I asked friends, acquaintances and the general great unwashed to join me in drawing drawings drawily.

Myself and one other, we sat on opposite ends on a table and drew.

Instructions to facilitate:

Pick music, pick a power-animal and draw. Draw damn ye.

After a while we would flip and finish each others drawings.

Here’s my friend Adam posing. He was very unhelpful.


And flipped.


My friends Christiaan and Adam are actually breathing down my neck as I’m writing this. And they helped me with this post. Sort of. Like kwashiorkor helps the 3rd world. You guys suck. I love you.

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Weather it is, or whether it isn’t, it’s a comic either way

One of the nicest looking comics I’ve ever gestated from by brainsauce.

Especially if I do so say so myself, because I’m very critical of my own brainsauce. Mmm, brainsauce.


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Like My Profile – from short film to actual movie

The film I worked on is being shown all over this great nation of ours. In Afrikaans.

At the Silwerskerm filmfees it got into the top 6 and is now showing in the actual cinema, where you can eat actual popcorn and see a movie move you movily.


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Modular Origami – Lego for the fine artist

For a project my flamboyant friend, Wentzel Combrinck, and I needed to make elaborate mock-ups of potential products. It’s supposed to be a real fine-arty speaker.

If you’ve got the patience, then you should make yourself one of theseImage

using only these


It’s hip, it’s now, it’s modular origami.

Paper cranes be damned.

Tutorial’s up soon.

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Some of my classmates requested to actually see le design that got me free food.

I am a rebel, and as such I cannot conform to the feeble requests of the great unwashed.

But seeing as I usually rebel, I am not this time, that’s how much of a rebel I am. I hereby except the hipster mustache/horn-rimmed-glasses/cardigan award on behalf of no-one, because I’m too aloof to come to your award ceremony. Okay, so hipsters have been the butt of the internet for like ever. So forget I said that. Anyhoo here’s the stuff that won me this award.






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Sometimes, you’ve got to put yourself on the backburner and soak up some exhaust fumes.

So chill for today.

Because I can’t.

Cover me in gasoline and light me, baby. Because tonight I’m finishing a project like the Y2K infected the YMCA with dance fever. And the insatiable desire for arson. Okay, it’s very late, so sense just went out the window.


Antalis’ Art of Design 2012 award

That’s right, I’m apparently an award winning designer now.

I won an award for my corporate identity:Image

Look at me, I win stuff and rock up to places and get free food. Oh sweet mercy, is free food delicious.


And it was for this:


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