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Okay, you don’t understand, which is my fault.

Let me tell you a story.

I make comics. Short, but concise, yes?

I’m generally a craftsman when it comes to buff guys and explosions, so that takes time and craftsmanship, dig?
But some stuff just doesn’t need as much choice-making as others. Get your self some help on that stuff.

So I made this poster with 3 accompanying posters to explain it. Posted it up in my faculty, where people were just looking for a reason to procrastinate.

Got 2 replies. Work went 4 times as fast. Got a full-colour comic in a week while I was juggling an animation project.

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Don’t say yes. Say nose.


That beautiful piece of olfactory majesty belongs to yours truly.

And it holds a special little wisdom.

Synaesthesia. The mixing of the senses.  In the game where everything is so visual nowadays, we forget we have a good lookin’ 4 just sitting there, waiting, biding their time. I don’t know if neglected senses can harbour grudges, but I’ll tell you this much, they’re there and they’re there to make life interesting for you and your audience.

Be it photography, videography, or cosmetology, if you engage more than one sense you’re gonna have a fun time. And maybe make someone look like the Joker, but I digress.

Use more than one sense, it make’s sense, for zero cents. Scents.

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Movies have trailers, and so does this one

This is the film I worked on, mostly by photobombing the photoshoots, but shoot me now if that’s not a key component. See, that’s a movie pun. I remember the good old days when Adam and I did the trailer in my room that one time which was like a week ago.

I’m the bomb.

Photo by Christiaan Pretorius and yes, that’s the RED friggin’ scarlet.

It premiers at the Silwerskerm Filmfees in Cape town.

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Know a guy who knows a guy

Know a guy who knows a guy

Okay so, networking.

As shy little troglodyte myself, I sometimes find it hard to jump the six steps of separation and get on a first name basis with influential individuals  like the recently departed Steve.

I mean I want the new Iphone 9xxx without having to stand in a queue from here to Pietersburg (trust me, it’s the farthest place from anywhere), but if you don’t know a bro, then no no no.

But I digress.
Get to know some people, because people know people, and aside from fostering some interesting prospects business-wise (pyramid scheme anyone?) interesting people foster interesting conversations, and interesting conversations foster a life worth going a day without a Zoloft overdose.

Plus, if you know a guy who can tune a tune, then on a sad and rainy day you might be able to listen to the sound of your ears bleeding.
Which sounds like this: wowowowowowo.

Give it a listen.

Thank you Jamie Wanneburg for posing mid tune tuning. Oh and for blowing my brain all over the insides of my skull, I mean, who thinks about dubstepping a choir recording? Jamie, that’s who.

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The Gentleman’s Guide to the Backflip.

Throw your buns over your face!

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Do it in the name of <3

Motivation you ask?

Where does one get the drive to do things of awesome?

There are many – glory, conquest, crispy chicken fritters dipped in vegan mayonnaise substitute.

But one stands out.



Yes, love. Be it the “be mine forever” or “be mine forever in the back of a truck” variety, it will surely push your creative ventures to new and gross extremes. Restraining order tonight baby!


Get the eye of your apple something nice. And by nice, melt their brain with a handcrafted Double Origamitar with the  Eye of Desolation!

Love me, for I warp time and space. ZILLLLTOOOID (aaaaaah) THE OMNISCIENT!

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A deadline for a life line

Get a deadline.

Truly, if you ever want to finish that comic or play or novel or “herb” garden then get yourself an ultimatum.

Sometimes a nap or a movie or anything else procrastinaty will look more appealing then a project that’s teetering on the periphery of being done.

Trust me, doing stuff is way more rewarding then an afternoon of being unconscious.

Okay, just so we’re clear, naps are essential to life.

But projects are nice, too

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Draw hideously

Draw hideously

Let me explain.

Lot’s of people want to instantly get a picture down. That’s silly.

Get an eraser and draw – then destroy. Draw and destroy. That’s T shirt material, baby.

What’s cool about drawing is that you have an infinite amount of retries. If you think a drawing has potential, keep the good parts and by Odin, obliterate the filth. This contrasts with performance arts, as pitchforks will be doused and lit to make pitchfork torches to hunt you down and stabburn you for missing a beat on an interpretive dance show, but no one will mind if you took 37 tries to get a pic just right, na mean?

Sketch like a bietch.
Make your lines hairy, search for the best one and then darken it. Turn your page over, give it a nice even coat of graphite with the side of your pencil, stick it on a clean sheet and then trace the golden ones.

But make it hairy first. As in Sasquatch vs cousin It vs Jim’s Dad from American Pie’s eyebrow’s hairy.


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Lern to Kern

This is actually a curse.

Kerning is essentially defining the distance between individual letters so that the word reads as a whole.

Bad kerning is everywhere- trust me, and it’s going to annoy to no end when you realize it, but when done right it adds professionalism and slickness to whatever it is you’re designing. Awww suhnap.

A helpful rule of thumb is to imagine there is some liquid between the letters filling the space referred to as x-height (which is the height of the lower case x). The amount of fluid needs to stay constant.

That’s essentially it.

Heres an online game to master the art.

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aw breef faaire

Here’s another teaser for things to come and lemme tell you, it’s rad. Boink.

aw breef faaire

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