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It’s a sexy back but also a gif

A little gif gift at the start of the day.
A little less self indulgent than the tutorial.

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How to draw le buffness: backs to the max

Okay, so I’m bit of a silly guy, so sue me.

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How to draw le buffness: abs


Okay, you need how to draw these.
Too much Dragoball z has left people clueless as to how the stomach actually works.
They’re one of the most lively muscles – sometimes they’re asymmetrical, sometimes they look like they’re a wash cloth pulled tight and sometimes they’re positively hunky.
Check out people who sprint, gymnasts, swimmers, eels (they’re just interesting). You’ll see they’re hardly as stationary as Akira Toriyama makes them out to be (he’s still a maverick in my book, just super sayin’).

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Me but, like, super buff

Me but, like, super buff

Me utilizing Wednesday’s powers.

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This is a duck

This is a duck

Yeah, I found the first one we ever did.

You don’t know what I’m talking about?
Check it:

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How to draw le buffness : stretch and contract

If you can’t be super, draw people who are.

Foo on the first part, but buff guys are still pretty cool.

Instantly better your drawings dynamism with these deliciously helpful hints.

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How to animate (overthrow Pixar in 3 minutes)

It’s all about key frames.

Think about where your character (or whatever you want to animate) is(A) and where you want it to be next (B).

A and B are both key frames then it’s just a simple case of filling in the meat in between.

Technology like Flash or After Effects can fill in these gaps for you (tweening), but can only do so when it can logically be interpolated. Like moving an object or changing it’s opacity.

If something is walking, especially in 2D, the machine can’t do the thinking for you, but it’s really not hard.

K, save this puppy on your desktop or whatevs, open it with Quicktime, or if you’re hip, something like Photoshop.

Notice how there are specific

moments, like right step, left step.

All that you then
have to do is fill in what happens between those two moments.

In this particular character’s case, he’s made of liquid, so liquid splashes and stuff.

Now, this is a colored version, notice how he looks like he’s in a hurry.

I also didn’t really add my understanding of the character (adding understanding gives life), but in essence everything is there.










Now we’re cooking. There are splashes and even a balloon like effect as the fluid moves from his head to his legs. In summary, the distinction between good animation and bad animation is finessing. But in essence all you need is a place to go to and from.

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Pixel art is the highest of artforms

It’s perfect.








Well, it has the potential to be perfect.

I mean, the more you zoom in the more charming it gets.

I’ve always felt like I mastered an inferior artform.

I mean, drawing isn’t nearly as impressive as music. Music has math and timing and developing a sense of notes, tone and the language of sound.

I just have beefy guys and terrarium rejects that know ninjitsu.

But this has rules, it needs precision, you can hit it perfectly.

Instead of the always relative nice picture.

Oh and it can be animated.

Watch and learn kiddos, uncle Michael’s gonna teach you magic.


I searched for wayyyyy longer than i needed to for this:


Here it is, plain as day:

If you want a flash movie to KEEP its ORIGINAL RATIO,

BUT ALSO FILL THE SCREEN  in Action Script 3 then slap this puppy in there:




Superpower of DUH!

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Fun times with buds

Okay, superpower of mobilization.

I know you kids have inside jokes.

Why not make them outside jokes?
Since the advent of phone cameras, all you need to do is click a button and boom, movie.

We did this before our art exhibition in highschool.

It’s all about production.

Nah, scratch that, it’s all about fun.

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